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Half sine shock test machine for consumer electronics impact testing

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Unit set
Minorder 1
Supplyability 30 sets/month
Payment T/T;L/C
Port 30 working days after payment
Certification ISO;CE
Place Dongguan
Packaging International standard plywood case

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Half sine shock test machine for consumer electronics impact testing



Table size (cm)40*4050*6070*80100*100120*120150*150200*200
Maximum Specimen Weight(Kg)30501002003006001000
Max acceleration(G)half sine600600600500500300300
saw-tooth waveform100100100100100100100
Pulse Duration (ms)half sine30~330~230~230~230~36~186~18
saw-tooth waveform18~618~618~618~618~618~618~6
Machine Dimension(cm)120*110*245130*140*260130*120*260150*130*260200*160*300230*180*310250*220*310
Controller cabinet Dimension(cm)W88*D55*H169
Machine Weight(Kg)190023003200420085001550019500
Utility3-phase AC380V 50/60Hz 0.5~0.8MPa
Conforming standardsGB/T2423-2008 GJB1217 GJB360.23 GJB150 GJB548 MIL-STD-202F IEC-68-2-27 MIL-STD-883E MIL-STD-810F ISTA UL


Applicable Standards: GB/T2423-2008;GJB1217;GJB360.23;GJB150;GJB548;MIL-STD-202F;IEC-68-2-27;MIL-STD-883E;MIL-STD-810F;ISTA;UL.
Applicable Industries: Suitable shock test for aviation,aerospace,marine,military,consumer electronics,automobiles,home appliances and display devices.



  • convenient touch screen operation;


  • complete safety protection systems;


  • utilize pneumohydraulic booster and braking systems to prevent multiple impact;


  • with air spring shock absorber and hydraulic shock damping mechanism,there will be no influence of impact on the surrounding and no foundation requirement.


The Application of Shock Test:


Shock test is used to accurately measure the product fragility and evaluate the protective ability of product packaging.Regardless whether you want to do a boundary assessment on complete product breakage, industrial standard shock pulse or company's internal standards, we can provide the most advanced shock test systems to meet your application requirements.


Suitable shock test for aviation,aerospace,marine,military,consumer electronics,automobiles,home appliances and display devices.


By selecting different waveform generator, can perform:half sinusoidal wave, sawtooth wave, trapezoidal wave.



How do you attach the hardware you’re testing to your shaker?


By means of a fixture, usually aluminum or magnesium for lightness coupled with rigidity. They can be cast, or smaller fixtures machined from solid stock. Most fixtures are welded.


How do you control shakers?


If we’re looking for resonances in the product we’re testing, we command the shaker to shake the product at one frequency at a time but to vary that test frequency, to sweep it over a range of frequencies.But more realistically, we command the shaker to vibrate randomly and to excite all the resonances simultaneously.Control commands go into the keyboard of a specially-programmed computer.


What are those resonances?Are they bad?


Have you ever noticed the steering wheel moving with rather large displacement amplitude, larger than the input to the column? That magnification is called resonance. Possibly it annoys you. There’s a slight chance that in a few years that whipping of the steering column might cause bending fatigue failure.When we shake an automotive or ship or land vehicle instrument, we're looking for, for example, portions of printed wiring boards (PWBs) responding with greater motion than we're inputting. That flexing may damage PWB wiring, it may damage the attached components, and it will damage the soldered connections between components and the PWB.



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