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ISTA 6-Amazon Random Vibration Test Equipment For Packaged Products

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Unit set
Minorder 1
Supplyability 30 set/month
Payment T/T;L/C
Port 45 working days after receiving deposit
Certification ISO;CE
Place Dongguan
Packaging International Standard Plywood Case

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ISTA 6-Amazon Random Vibration Test Equipment For Packaged Products




  • Strength of the suspension system and linear motion guiding, strong carrying capacity, good guiding functions, high stability.
  • Perfect performance on amplitude variation.
  • High efficient on D Class power conversion, 3 - Sigma peak current, provide the optimization of power consumption and minimum harmonic distortion.
  • Rapid self-test diagnostics and chain safeguard, high high safety and reliability
  • Air gasbag isolation damping device realize the the vibration table with no need for special foundation. Perfect reappearance vibration waveform and the reduction of vibration transmission
  • Different application on the vertical and horizontal tables.
  • Simple operation for the controller.



Specifications: EV232-EV330


Model EV232 EV240 EV250 EV260 EV320
Vibration Generator VG3200/50 VG4000/50 VG5000/50 VG6000/50 VG2000/76
Frequency(Hz) 2-2500 2-2500 2-2500 2-2500 1-3000
Max Exiting Force(kg.f) 3200 4000 5000 6000 2000
Max. Displacement (mmp-p) 50 50 50 50 76
Max. Acceleration(g) 100 100 100 100 80
Max. Velocity(cm/s) 200 200 200 200 200
Payload(kg) 500 800 1000 1000 1000
Armature Mass(kg) 30 40 50 50 25
Armature Diameter(mm) φ400 φ400 φ450 φ450 φ320
Cooling Method Forced Air Cooling
Shaker Weight(kg) 2000 2500 3500 3800 2000
Shaker Dimension L*W*H(MM) 1400*900*1100 1400*980*1100 1600*1120*1340 1600*1120*1340 1400*980*1100
Power Amplifier Amp35k Amp50k Amp60k Amp70k Amp50k
Power Amplifier Weight(kg) 550 600 800 1000 550
Power Amplifier Dimension L*W*H(MM) 800*550*1920 800*550*1920 800*550*1920 800*550*1920 800*550*1920
3-phase AC380V ±10% 50Hz
Aggregate Capacity(KW) 45 64 85 95 40



Applicable Standards: MIL-STD, DIN, ISO, ASTM, IEC, ISTA, GB, GJB, JIS, BS etc.


Applicable Industries: Automotive, Electronics, Aerospace, Vessel, Telecommunication, Optoelectronics, Instrument etc.

Our Services

Pre-Sales Service


1)Technical consultation: test method, laboratory planning and suggestion.
2)Equipment selection: selection scheme, FAQ.
3)Product testing scheme.
4)Customer communication and progress report.


After-Sales Service


1)Technical training: operation of equipment, daily maintenance, common fault diagnosis and troubleshooting.
2)Scheduled on-site service: Detection of problem as soon as possible in order to eliminate equipment and anthropogenic hazards. This is to ensure long term and stable equipment operation as well as delivery of latest technical information.
3)Technical support: special paid services are provided according to customer’s needs.





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