Electromagnetic vibration testing machine troubleshooting method:Boot failure

Electromagnetic vibration testing machine troubleshooting method:Boot failure

1.Check whether the power supply of the equipment is normal.

Troubleshooting method: Users need to contact an electrician to check the power supply problem

2. When the power of the control cabinet is turned on, whether the device indicator and voltage and current numbers are on

3.Concurrent error between three phases

Remedy: adjust the phase sequence between three-phase power, re-power on

Phase adjustment method: adjust the wiring sequence of “L1”, “L2” and “L3” at the terminal of the equipment, as shown in the figure:

4.Three-phase power shortage

Remedy: Check the cause of the grid and power supply phase loss, and eliminate the grid and power supply phase loss problems, and then re-power on.

5.Emergency stop is pressed

Remedy: Reset emergency stop button

If the above reasons are excluded, if the indicator light is not displayed, it is determined that the internal components of the device (phase sequence protector, fuse, emergency stop switch, etc.) are abnormal, and the manufacturer needs to contact the manufacturer for fault repair.

6.Check if the computer and operating software are turned on normally.

The computer and operating software are turned on normally, and the vibrating machine still cannot run.

a.The settings are correct when operating the software. When setting the test conditions, the user needs to check whether the capability range of the device is exceeded, etc.;

b.Whether the drive line between the controller and the control cabinet is connected or damaged. If the drive line is damaged, please replace it in time;

7.When performing the vibration test, check the fixing and connection of the table screws, test products, sensors, and sensor wires for looseness and damage.

8.Check if the control cabinet is normally open.

The correct method of opening: first press the front "on" button → wait 15 seconds → turn on the gain → slowly twist the gain knob to the maximum, then slightly adjust back

9.When the vibration device is in the process of starting up, if there is an alarm phenomenon, please record the alarm item in time, and refer to the operation manual configured at the factory to check the fault.

Tips: Notes on the shaker

1. Before conducting the test, it is necessary to check whether the protection circuit of the displacement is normal. The specific method is: press the vibration machine table to the end, and the over-displacement lamp should be bright.

2. For long-term operation with a displacement of 10mm or more, the height of the vibrating table must be adjusted.

3. The test piece is not allowed to be disassembled during the vibration test.

4. The test piece must be installed on the table surface in a rigid manner. Otherwise, resonance and waveform distortion will occur, which will affect the correct test of the test piece.

5. The system is not allowed to touch the acceleration gauge during operation.

6. When the vibrating machine is working, it is not allowed to bring magnetic or unsuitable magnetic objects (such as watches) close to the excitation generator.